Mission 2030: Why is there a lack of progress despite the clear signs of change?

In 2019, Greta Thunberg made a powerful appearance as a guest in the European Parliament. While she vividly portrayed the urgency of the situation, some members of parliament were preoccupied with their phones. Her appeal was simple: Change by design. Yet, it seems that we find this task remarkably challenging. We appear to be overwhelmed by the weight of scientific facts, leading us to downplay their significance. Many politicians dismissively claim, „It won’t be that bad, everyone is exaggerating.“ In times like these, I am reminded of Albert Einstein’s wise words: „The truth is rarely comfortable, but it is the best pillow on which we can sleep.“

Compelling narratives and clear communication:

The lack of progress in Mission 2030 reveals our collective reluctance to confront the challenges at hand. It is evident that we lack the courage to take decisive action. We must address this by developing a comprehensive strategy that takes all scenarios seriously. Additionally, we need strong leadership and compelling narratives—stories that captivate and inspire—to guide us. Effective and clear communication is crucial in conveying the urgency and importance of our mission.

It is through these compelling narratives that we can move mountains and even save the climate. Drawing from my own life experiences, I have embraced various paths and learned invaluable lessons along the way. Over the past 20 years, I have witnessed the rewards that come from making tough decisions. This perspective has granted me clarity and a different vantage point. I deeply understand the concerns and positions of stakeholders across different sectors, whether it be as an environmental organization, a large corporation like Unilever, or an energy company. My commitment is to bring clarity and help craft narratives that resonate with people, fostering a sense of purpose and driving action.


Captivating stories have the power to move mountains and transform our collective efforts to save the climate. It is time to embrace the uncomfortable truths, forge a clear vision, and inspire action towards a sustainable future. This is my offer to you: Let us work together on shaping your vision, crafting your strategy, and weaving compelling narratives that will propel us towards a better tomorrow.

Glacier Kaunertal